Saturday, 22 November 2014


Firstly, thank you so much for the lovely comments I've had so far from this blog. It motivated me to keep going and reinforced my determination to keep blogging :)


So I downloaded Timehop in the last week, maybe behind the times I know, but didn't really see the point, but thought I'd give it a go. 

What have I discovered...

Well the analyst in me comes out (as that is my profession), from the posts so far from 2-5 years ago, I was unhappy, clearly. I was ill all the time and hated work. That's not news to me and I have mentioned this is previous posts. 

Nowadays I would consider myself very healthy, I hardly ever get ill, but when I do it hits me like a ton of bricks. I suppose what I have taken from this, is that doing what I have, to get fit and healthy, has amazingly improved my health but I will still get ill. 

This doesn't mean I'm not as healthy as I was a previous week, or I've somehow failed myself by getting ill. It is a way of life and we all get ill. The benefit now is that I continue to train as much as I can, my eating continues healthy (if I can) and if both of those things go out the window, I know I will get back to it when I'm feeling better, or close to better.

The realisation that you are in control of you, is amazing. I never felt in control before, things seemed (in the past) to just happen to me, now I choose (for the most part) what happens to me. I think I'm referring mostly to the eating here, to know you can fall off the wagon, but jump straight back on is key. 

Just because you've had chocolate bar with mid morning cuppa, does not mean you have failed for that day, week, month, year! So what you've had a chocolate bar, don't dwell on it, it happened yes, but that chocolate bar does not control what you eat for the rest of your day, week, etc. It's hard to get in this mindset, but incredibly satisfying and keeps you towards your goals. Flexible dieting is what is says on the tin 'flexible'.

I'm no expert, I'm talking from my experiences and how I feel.

So progress this week, I've dropped half a kilo, doesn't sound much does it. I actually don't think that's representing the change I've felt in my body, I feel leaner. My stomach especially feels smaller. The weight on the scales is one element, yes it is a focus of mine currently, but isn't the be all and end all. 

I'm confident that by following my macros this week and training plan, I will achieve an equal if not better result next week - we shall see :) 

Don't let one day/week of disappointment ruin your motivation, this will not stop me going to the gym on Monday and training. Or stop me eating healthy this week! 

Thanks for reading...

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