Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Train Writing & Reflections

I'm writing this on the train, thinking to myself what a long journey I'm on (an hour & it is boiling). Putting things in perspective is an amazing tool, yes right now my train journey feels lengthy & tiring - sounds very familiar to my healthy body journey. Through it's course there have been times that fly by, where I enjoy every second. There are times like now (I have felt this before as well), where things are a struggle, I'm craving things I can't eat (doesn't help that due to reduced macros I'm hungry a lot of the time!). I'm thinking to myself on this train how nice it would be to go home, sit and not get up,, rather than drag myself to the gym! But then my fitness self (so to speak), wakes up and says 'ok do that, but how bad will you feel that you didn't train today, it's 1 hour out of the day - suck it up & bloody well go'. She's a bossy cow sometimes, but she's right. It's not my body's fault I've been up since 5, working for 9 hours, travelling for 3 hours today! There are 24 hours in a day, 1 hour to train more than my body deserves right? My body makes sure I can function all day, so why shouldn't it get a fix of what it needs.... 

I'm not sure if this writing will help or inspire anyone, it is just my story, my struggles and successes. The people around you are key, I wouldn't be here today without my friends and family, but mainly jenny my sister, for not caring what I eat, for not worrying when I'm getting back late from work and going straight to the gym, to then eat and fall into bed.

A body is a building, you need to create the foundations before you can build the house. The foundations are your nutrition and exercise technique. Making sure you know what you put in your body, why and how it makes you feel. The wrong fuel in a car will cause it to break down, your body is the same. If you don't do the exercise in the right way you will break, you can try and jump in all guns blazing, yeah at first you may succeed, but what's the point if you aren't doing it right and hitting the right muscles?

I sound like I know it all, I don't, at this stage of writing I've been doing this for 16 months. My ideal physique will probably take another 6 months of so to develop, that's realistic. Realism is essential, it is not real that everyone will be able to lose their weight, keep it off and maintain a consistent diet and exercise regime. You have to want to do it, dedicate your mind and say no to people sometimes.

I used to hate saying the word 'no', I felt it was such a negative word and in no way could mean anything other than someone wasn't getting what they wanted or needed. At work I would have so much piled in me, because I couldn't say no. Rather me be burned out than someone else. Why, am I not as important as them, should you not be one of the most important if not the most important person in your own life??

Thanks for reading :)

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