Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Stepping it up / The Journey Continues...

In February 2014, I thought it was time to pick up my game even more and asked Tom (my PT) how I could do this, at that time I was heading to the gym 5ish times a week, my 2 PT sessions included in that. It was suggested if I could fit in going down there, when he was free that we could train at the same time. He would be training anyway, so I would benefit from the motivation to keep going from him and without hindering his training in any way.
So this helped me to step up my training once again, enabled me to have a spotter without the guilt that Tom must have better things to do than spot me. But also helps seeing someone else train, how they do it, how they get in the right head space and encouraging you (without realising sometimes), to increase your weights.

I think having a training partner is a great idea, choose someone who is going to help you focus, keep focused and although I know it is great to talk, the time should be used at the gym to train, not talk as such. So if you feel you need to natter, that is fine, but use the time at the gym to really push yourself, you can’t do that if you are chatting. You need someone who will support you with this and not think you are being rude.

On reflection the main thing I think that worked for me this time, thinking of all the times 
I’ve signed up to gyms and diets in the past, is that this is a very personal journey I have taken. Yes I must admit something clicked in my head and I became focused, but the key is individual diet plan and fitness programme, to fit around what you can do. Regular updates and chats with someone in the know, again I’m lucky in that my PT really knows his stuff and didn’t try to pigeon hole me into the same diet as everyone else.

I was in no way an easy task, my diet was tricky, my metabolism was tricky, my condition made things tricky (i.e pain is sometimes something you just can’t get round and carry on) and mental issues. Yep I’ll admit it, with the depression in the past this is still with me, not like a monkey on my back, but does affect you hugely as you move through life. Trying to learn that I was worth all this hard work, dedication and effort, was a huge thing for me to get over it. I am worth all this, of course I am, this is my life so if I can’t be worth it in my own life, who is??!!!

No one can do this for you, you need to believe that you are worth doing this for, I will admit I didn’t think I was worth it, at times in the last 16 months I did question myself and thought about giving up. I wasn’t worth all this effort. I didn’t love myself. Others can help you feel worth it, hold you up and push you forward, but in the end it is all you, you are worth it, I promise you!

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