Saturday, 25 April 2015

Taking Time for ME

I was told this week that I needed to lose weight from my GP, needless to say my opinion on GPs at the moment is on the floor. I went to the doctor for fear that my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) was getting worse and my symptoms (including struggling to lose weight), were pointing towards this. 

He proceeded to tell me that he was not going to help me with my weight loss and that a magic pill did not exist. I actually don't know what I did to offend this doctor to get this response. But I proceeded to tell him that I have managed to loss over 5 stone in the last 2 years and needed help understanding why this had halted. Despite my increasing/adjusting training and adjusting my macros.

After discussing my training programme and how I control my eating, he told me that there wasn't any way that my training would invoke weight loss - that's is bizarre and when I asked him HOW was I able to loss 5 stone in the last two years doing this. His response was that it isn't working now and I needed to address it, as it would help my condition if I lost weight (suggesting I try prolonged cardio to achieve the appropriate fat burning stage). That my BMI was in obese and I needed to address this...

I think it is safe to say I was horrified at being spoken to in the way I was and how grossly incompetent my doctor was. I understand that everyone has their opinions on what works to lose weight, but when I'm sat there 5 stone lighter than I was 2 years ago, surely something worked!!

I left the doctors feeling downtrodden, as if despite how hard you try, you will be knocked down by others. I'm trying to be healthy, make myself fitter and in turn, saving the NHS money, however my treatment has now left me thinking, maybe I need to just go privately from now on?!

Luckily after my doctors appointment, I went to see my kinesiologist who was wonderful! Now, I'm still not sure how it works or why, but when I was depressed for the second time in my like, Kim was able to help me and made me feel better. I saw her on Friday to help me feel balanced. I have been feeling unbalanced since the beginning of the year. I came away feeling positive, like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, as if actually I could do what I want, but have to give myself time to be me and not the Holly who constantly strives for things. I need to give myself a rest.

Now this is something my PT Tom has been telling me for ages, but for some reason didn't sink in. Apparently I need time to 'play' like I was a kid, stop constantly being serious and live my life. Not everything is about your goals 100% of the time.

In OTHER news I have passed my Personal Training assessment - yay!! Very chuffed with myself and looking forward to taking on clients. Just have a couple more things to do and then I can take on some clients at the gym, however I am writing programmes for people and really looking forward to seeing their results!

Thanks for reading, get in touch if you are looking for a programme, interesting in personal training or have a question.

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