Sunday, 31 May 2015

Bodypower Expo

A week or so ago I went to Bodypower Expo at the Birmingham NEC, not many people in the Non fitness world know about this expo, but basically it is a massive room full of fitness/health experts, fitness enthusiast, bodybuilders, fitness models, etc. This is the second year I have attended the event and it didn't fail to get me motivated.

I find with most things you need to find the thing that motivates you, I'm lucky in that I have several in my endeavour to push my body to its optimal performance. My personal trainer Tom, never fails to motivate me when I need it. I follow people on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that when I'm feeling particularly low pick me up or make me think. Bodypower instils within me a sense of wanting to achieve, it makes me want to train and inspires me.

You need to feed your brain with new information, keeping your brain healthy, not just your body. You never know, what you read, learn next from someone, might be the one thing, the key for you, that spurs you on, that makes you turn to healthy food. Makes you look at going to the gym, or simply feeds your curiosity. 

I've learnt a lot in the almost two years I've been training at the gym, but that doesn't mean I won't stop learning. Yes I could help you lose weight and get into training/healthy options to eat. But I'm not going to stop learning and reading up on new things, everyone is different and need different things.

The older I get the more I realise that no one is the expert, you can always do better, you can always learn new things. An expert is only the expert and remains the expert, if they continue to learn and develop, otherwise someone else will become the expert. I'm in no way saying I'm an expert, I'm not at all, but just wanted to explain the need to continue to learn new things. 

Anyway back to Bodypower, I came away from Bodypower with lots of freebies, mainly whey protein pre-workout samples. 

Pre-workout: is a powder which you make into a drink, to take obviously before you train at the gym. It aids in giving you extra energy to push yourself, to achieve better results in the gym. It is not for everyone, the results are different for different people and I would only suggest using it, if you train at the gym more than 5 times a week and are lacking in energy. If you lacking in energy I would suggest making sure your intake of food is enough, for what you are doing before resorting for pre-workout.

I've never tried it before, didn't think I needed it, I tried it last Sat and was amazed by my results. I was sceptical, I'm one of these people that coffee doesn't really effect me, I drink a fair amount and don't feel the buzz that others get. If you do get that buzz from coffee, just use that as your pre-workout if you need one.

I could almost feel the caffeine surging through my body and giving it a push, I felt a real sudden urge to train, to lift and lift heavy!! I couldn't keep still, talking lots and hands were shaking a tad. I had a good session, hit some personal bests, but before I'd finished my session, I did start to feel the affects wear off, which was a very odd feeling indeed.

I don't want to rely on pre-workout, I feel like although I did achieve amazing results after having it, I would rather achieve those results without the pre-workout. The problem is that I don't know how much of it was the me or the pre-workout. How am I to know if I would have got those results without the pre-workout??? I don't........

However, I think I will be purchasing some, so that when I'm low on energy or drive, I can take some. I've learnt that results are mine, regardless of whether pre-workout helped or not. Whey protein helps me in the same way, it helps my body to rebuild my muscle after I have torn them at the gym (that sounds awful, but that is the process of what you do at the gym, tear the muscle and then repair it, making the muscle leaner for women (bigger for men)).

One thing I am learning, is I tend to write these blogs posts when I'm on the train, clearly my best thinking is when I'm on the train, how odd ha ha! Sorry I haven't written one in a while, lack of subject I think, but I have ideas for my next three or four, so keep an eye out for them coming out in the next week or two.

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H x

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