Saturday, 11 April 2015

Favourite Healthy Foods

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I didn't post anything last weekend, it was a busy time with Easter, working and beer festival fun. Difficult to stick to things at the weekend, due to the food and enjoying time with my family and friends. But we all need to find that balance between healthy and living life.

I think it is about time for me to talk things I like to do, to make healthy food palatable all the time, to make it doable on a longer term basis. I'm not going to pretend that I eat whatever I want as long as it fits in my macro's, that is not the case! I work on a 95% good basis.

How to pimp your vegetables, so I'm a huge fan of bags of veg (pre-prepped for you, lazy I know, but it's what I do). Pop them in a microwave to cook (as per the packet), when done pop 50g of light Dairylea, stir in with salt and pepper, pop back in microwave for 30 seconds. Lovely, creamy cheesy vegetables.

Being a vegetarian trying to get my protein intake is tricky. Not many people try to train like I do and eat a vegetarian diet. It requires a high level of protein and from a purest source possible. I do struggle with this, I do boost my protein with protein shake after training, but rarely at other times of the day (I try to only have one shake a day). My main diet consists mostly of Quorn Bacon, Quorn Sausages and Linda McCartney sausages (original and rosemary & red Onion).

Do NOT under-estimate the protein and fibre that can be found in vegetables. I have a steady stream of vegetables in my diet, from 1 to 2 bags of broccoli and cauliflower (300g a bag from Tesco). This is to push my fibre up and always to my surprise (despite how many times I look at the figures), my protein, you wouldn't have thought it, but it is true!

Sweet potato is the best carb you can have. It is slow release, meaning it slowly releases energy to your body. It can be used in so many ways, my favourite is just chop it up and roast as wedges for 15-20 mins in fry light. Put on salt & pepper or garlic salt and they are delicious.

I prefer to cook using full fat butter if I can, Yeo Valley is really good. However, sometimes the fat levels we set for me, are low and I can't afford to spend these on cooking aids. Therefore fry light is my saviour. Down side to vegetarian products, they are laden with carbs and fats (not always, but they can be).

Coconut oil, is one of the best things out there, it improves your skin, your hair, your energy levels, etc, etc. Google it there will be lists and lists of the benefits, but also the uses of Coconut Oil. I never fail to have this every morning in my coffee. Yes I know that sounds bizarre and at first it was, I am now used to it and wouldn't be without it. First thing in the morning to start my day off, I have one mug of coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Along with as much water as I can stomach and I'm set up for the day :)

My Typical Food Day

Breakfast: Coffee with teaspoon of coconut oil. Yeo Valley Green yogurt, with blueberries.
Lunch: One bag of vegetables, with light Dairylea and Quorn bacon slices
Dinner: One bag of vegetables, with 4-6 Linda McCartney original sausages
Snacks: 1 protein shake post training session

The quantities are varied from day to day, depending on the macro nutrients I am set (which are worked out each week, with my Personal Trainer) and what I fancy. Some days I can't stomach two bags of veg, sometimes I add in a Tilda bag of brown rice. Actually Tilda Brown Pilau rice is a must try!!

With protein shake, I think that this should only be used if you are training hard at the gym and frequently. It is not supplement for meals, as I really do not agree with those sorts of diets, despite doing them in the past myself, that is why actually I don't agree with them.

Trying to be good when eating with family and friends, is when I struggle the most. I always feel like I'm missing out, the truth is I don't have to miss out, I don't have to stay at home and let them have dinner without me. Just stick to my measuring out, work out how much vegetables I can have, how much protein and carbs - fitting it all in to my macros so that I don't miss out. Sounds like a lot of work, but I would rather that and be included, than miss out and become a recluse. I would rather measure out all my food all the time, not miss out on family and friend occasions and still get results.

The last 4 months have been tricky for me and haven't been getting the results I want, however I can only do what my body can do and sometimes you have set backs. I'm hoping to be back on track very sooner and can share my results.

Thank you for reading
Holly x


  1. Great post and good news about sweet potatoes because I love them! x

  2. Glad to hear you have taken time to regroup.
    Maybe a few of the workouts could give way to chopping your own veg cheaper and more relaxing. time taken to do something is not wasted if it gives you time to breathe and let your mind and body flow.
    take a look at rolfing to see what I mean .. here is a nice explanation I came across.

    Good luck