Monday, 23 March 2015

I'm Back Baby!

It is a great feeling when you start to be your old self again.  Over the last month or so I have been struggling, with a number of things;

- illness 
- lots of work 
- coursework
- training at the gym

Doesn't actually look like much when I write it down like that 😄 but trust me, it was tough. We had to bring my calories up, so my body could cope with everything going on, which in turn lead to me gaining weight.

I had to do this, to bring my metabolism up, to give me enough energy to get better and feel better. The worst thing I could have done is keep going and burn out, which would have happened, it was inevitable!!


But I'm back now, feeling super focused and determined. I've started to lose weight again and my energy is back. Yeah I still get tired, but I'm doing a lot.

This made me think (while on the train to Bristol for work), that a transformation journey is not a straight line on a graph. It isn't all easy going and the weight drops off, definition appears and life gets good.

It's more like a child's squiggle drawing, ups downs, round circles, all sorts!! Yes it's like liquorice all sorts ha ha!

The analyst in me is going to put my journey in some graphs for you, on my next blog.

As you will see, not a straight journey at all, the biggest thing you have to get over is what goes on in your head. When you have a low patch, a gaining weight stage, a holiday, etc, you have to allow this to happen, we are all human! 

Trust in yourself and those around you helping you. Don't listen to all the diet hypes and fashions that come around. They do not work long term! If you want a quick fix and gain it all back, plus more go for it, otherwise trust in me, I've been there and done it. 

I used to think these sorts of sayings were corney, but you do only have one life and you have to live it. You should live it feeling great about yourself! It's not about what's on the scales, it's about how you feel inside and being happy with yourself.

You aren't too old, you aren't too unfit, you can do something about how you feel and look now, not tomorrow, not after the weekend, not just till your next holiday. 

Summer is coming, do something now and trust me, you'll thank me when it gets warmer and you don't have to wear a jumper (like I used to)!

Thank you for reading, any questions or thoughts, please comment.

Holly 💪😊

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