Monday, 25 April 2016

Running Music Review

Anyone who knows me, will know that I hate CARDIO, I have tried many times in the past to get into running, cycling, etc. But it is just isn't me, I find I can't get my technique right and I struggle to sort my breathing.

Recently, I was asked if I would review some running music, and I thought to myself why not! I agreed to test it out and managed to rope in my friend Jenny, who is actually training for the Norwich 10k in August. We went to the gym at lunchtime, to have the place to ourselves and could try the 'running music' on our own. I appreciate that some prefer to run out in the open, but for this trial I wanted to feel relaxed and in a control environment (I'm too prone to twisting my ankle). We tried the 3 minute interval running music.

At first I was apprehensive, but I carried on and gave it my best shot. I thought the voice commands were a tad on the quiet side, especially in the introduction, they did get a bit easier to hear throughout the programme, but I'm not sure if that was because I was trying really hard to hear them. It could be that using headphones would be better to hear the commands, but in my opinion a bit louder would be great.

Jenny and I really liked the beat of the music, in both the resting periods and the running sections - I found that this helped us keep going and to keep our pace. In the past I have found it very tempting to fall out of pace and want to stop or not to push myself. So we both found it challenging, despite out different stride length.

The commands were also very good, in terms of the countdowns and letting us know what was coming up. However, I'm not a fan of the cheering you on 'you are doing well' statements. Unfortunately, I have used far too many workout videos in the past, that tell me I'm doing well, despite me actually sitting on the sofa and not doing the workout. Cheating myself I know, but these sorts of commands can sometimes put me off, rather than keep me going.

We both agreed that the mixture of short effort versus rest, really did help. Especially when in came to regulating breathing and trying to maintain a good balance of breathing patterns. Plus I think for someone starting out, or someone trying to increase their stability, this is an excellent way to do this, all pre-packaged for you, rather than relying on yourself to stop and start yourself, which isn't easy when you are running.

For an absolute beginner, I'm not sure the 3 minute interval training is quite right, the pace in my opinion would need to be slower and possible start with a 2 minute interval set. I'm a fairly fit individual, I'm not an athlete, I'm more of a weights and HIIT training kinda gal. So I was able to keep up with 3 minutes intervals, but I'm sure a beginner wouldn't. And I did struggle towards the end.

Sooooo all in all, good programme, for getting into running and trying to increase your current fitness level/train for a 10k (for example). 30 minutes out of your day, doing this will work you hard. For £7.99 price range, a little on the high side, but if you aren't paying for a gym, that is hardly anything in comparison - especially if it will help you.

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