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It is February, a lot of people have started to join gyms to achieve their New Years Resolutions - it is often the case that people join now, rather than January, due to funds not being available. You will notice an influx of members at your local gym, including yourself if you are new to going.

I haven't actually got anything to rant about this week, although I wouldn't consider my previous posts a rant at all.

The last two weeks for me have been of opposite contrasts (sorry for my lack of post last week, it has been a bit mental). Week starting 26th January, I was away for half of the week with my job, travelling to Birmingham with very little around me to be able to make the right choices food wise. I was also unable to train to the quantity I do usually (I was only able to train 4 times that week, rather than normal 6 times). 

My results weren't bad, but I did consider that they should have been better.

This week has been very different, I took 3 days off work to do a workshop for my PT course (which was based in Harlow, 1.5 hours drive away from me). The course was to prepare me for my practical assessment, so a lot of practical learning how to teach different aspect of exercise. It was interesting and actually made me realise how much I have learnt myself through being personal trained.

So the results, table below shows how I have progressed:

24th Jan31st Jan7th Feb
Body Fat %21.9421.6820.41
Body Fat KG15.3515.214.3
Lean LG54.754.855.7

As you can see my physical weight has actually stayed the same, but my body fat has reduced massively. In two weeks I have dropped 1.53% body fat, the average (healthy) drop should be about 1% a month. I have felt quite a change in the way I look and feel, my stomach has reduced in size and getting leaner. My arms have changed in definition and my legs seem to change on a daily basis.

This just shows that it actually doesn't matter how much you weigh on the scales, what matters is your body fat percentage. This morning when I weighed myself, I was concerned and worried that all my hard work from this week was for nothing. I've been eating precisely what I should and training hard at the gym and I'm so pleased by body is seeing and feeling those efforts.

Please don't be disheartened by how much you weigh on the scales, it is just a number and is your total body weight, not how fat you are. Measurements with a tape measure and body fat % are clear indicators of how well you are doing.

I'm so excited about training to be a Personal Trainer, I can't wait to get my certificate and be able to help people - it motivates me to have that as a goal and I can't wait to start helping people like I have been helped.  It's hard work having a more than full time job, training 6 times a week and doing a qualification, let alone having friends and a social life - but it is going to be worth it!!

Thanks for reading my blog, please share with your friends and family, any questions please let me know :)


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